Dynamite Starfish is a climbing lifestyle brand run out of Los Angeles, and is all about sharing the good times we’ve had at California crags. Each design is inspired by places that are near and dear to any California climber's heart.

Currently we offer tees and tanks. Each shirt is screen printed with water-based inks to keep the environment in mind. The colors and cuts are carefully selected for comfort and aesthetic appeal. 


We're so much more than just another t-shirt company. From the design to the printing technique, Dynamite Starfish creates tees that bring awareness to the outdoors in a fun and cheeky way. They remind us of the classic crags we've grown to love, and encourage us to explore the places we have yet to see.

A few of our values:

  • Follow the path that makes you free.
  • Respect nature and the outdoors.
  • Create meaningful experiences.
  • Find beauty in the everyday.
  • Inspire one another.


We've got big plans for the future! Dynamite Starfish understands that climbing is a lifelong commitment, and will do everything it can to keep the outdoors as pure as possible. We will actively participate in outdoor conservation efforts, encourage climbers to respect the environment and their bodies, and be ready to provide encouragement if anyone needs a boost sending their next project.


Right now, all the artwork is made by artist and designer Leslie Sam Kim. The ideas behind Dynamite Starfish were created by a love for making art out of experiences and the drive to share those experiences with a larger community. Leslie is on her way to climbing at new crags all around the world and creating art about it all.


Well, a quick search in Wikipedia would tell ya, but if you'd rather not look it up, here's an excerpt:

"Tightly gripping handholds, simultaneously flagging out both legs then proceeding to violently kick downwards and inwards in a desperate attempt to produce upwards motion; making the climber resemble an explosive bottom feeder."

What does that mean to us? Keep going even if you look and feel ridiculous. Live your life the way you want it to be lived.

Stay tuned for more awesome projects to come!