Tighten Your Straps — 17.5" x 23" Poster

$ 20.00

Tighten your boot straps, your chin straps, and your bra straps!

I get the feeling our feminine sides are about to come into so much power—a different power than the world is used to. My take on it is to be ready. Be ready for all kinds of victory, retreat, falling, holding on, destroying and creating. Don't fall into backwards ways or crumble because you're not used to having power. Sometimes it's not fun to be responsible and prepared, but this is what we need more of.

  • 17.5" x 23" Poster
  • Art by Leslie Sam Kim
  • Hand pulled, one color screen print
  • Grey ink on Light Pink 65lb Cardstock
  • Ships in Tube Mailer

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